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How to Buy from Simple & Cozy

 Hello and welcome to our store. We prepared this guide to simplify your purchase process, and to make sure you are enjoying it without any issues.

First, once you decide on the Home Décor item you want to buy, click on it, and you will be directed to its product page, like the below example:

Product Page Variants Examples Photos Images Scroll


Now, you can browse the photos of the product variants and examples by scrolling horizontally or invoking either the left or right arrow, and by touching/clicking the photos. The photos section is highlighted in red in the below example:

 Product Page Images Photos Variants

When you are done browsing the photos, you need to select which variant you want to buy, and you can do this by touching/clicking the dropdown list that is located above the Add To Cart button; when you do so, the list of variants will prompt/appear in front of you, so you select the variant you want. Whenever you select a variant, its photo will be automatically displayed. Check the below example:

.Product Page Variants List

Once you selected the variant you desire to purchase, you just need to invoke button Add To Cart if you’d like to continue your shopping, or invoke button Buy Now to directly purchase the item and proceed to checkout. Check the below example:

 Product Page Add To Cart Buy Shopping

That’s it! If you ever faced any issues, please don’t hesitate to go to Contact Us page and communicate with us with your preferred way.

Thank you for passing by and enjoy your shopping.

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